Morning brought 5 Spotted Dolphins.

And, flatter seas with great visbility.

The dolphins were leaping, bow-riding, and wave surfing. The two young dolphins were playing with fish and tail slapping at each other. We saw five spotted dolphins: three adult females and two calves. In fact, at first we thought one of the calves was Skippy. But, then we realized that this little female was missing only half of its left fluke. This is the first time we've seen this little calf, but folks on the Stenella think it might be an individual they recognize as 'Freedom'. We'll send over photos and see if the descriptions and ID's match. In the afternoon, we hooked up to the Sugar Wreck and had a few hours snorkeling among the tropical fish, the nurse sharks and a turtle or two. Usually, we see dolphins while on the Sugar Wreck mooring, but not today. After a few hours on the wreck, we continued south to anchor just north of Sandy Cay. Just after anchoring a squall passed by bringing high winds and a heavy rain. Till tomorrow, Cheers Kathleen