Trip 2 Begins with Passenger Arrival.

Everyone got here, winds seemed to decrease, but still hot.

Passengers arrived throughout the day with everyone aboard by 6 PM. We had a diverse group with both coasts represented and passengers from California, Connecticut, New York, Virginia and Washington. We even had one passenger from England – Amanda. Janet (Virginia) and Sharon (Washington) were rejoining us while Tori, Bruce, Jan, Gini and Marc were with us for their first DCP dolphin research trip. Everyone got settled and after dinner we discussed boat safety and introduced our dolphin research methods. Each passenger is asked to be on watch for two one-hour periods during each day at sea. They help gather environmental data hourly while at anchor. We log wind speed and direction, water temp., drift and current direction, depth, beaufort number and location. And, we ask each person to assist with observations on dolphin identities (scars and marks and spots) and behaviors when underwater with dolphins. Excitement was high even though everyone was tired from their travels of the day. We plan to leave the next day late morning. Cheers Kathleen