Twilight Adventures

The early morning data collection session was a bit harder to wake for this AM, but we all made it with time to spare (barely)! There was lots of social activity at the surface and we all got much practice with the space use data collection. Our morning was spent reviewing the video from the morning and practicing with the dolphin IDs, as well as in discussion about two papers about maternal style and behavior. The afternoon brought Teri, assistant director at RIMS, and her presentation about operant conditioning. And, tonight was our night snorkel! It was the first time many of us went off a boat, much less in the dark! The life we observed was vibrant and active.

Emma – Today my favorite part was snorkeling at nighttime which I’ve never done before and being able to ID the fish with my partner Rowan.

Rachel – Today, I found a team Edward fan, Israel.

Erin – I had fun doing the night snorkel, with my buddy Grace and seeing Octopuses and squid and 2 giant pufferfish!

Jen – I think I got the hang of the space use data collection we did this morning. And I saw an octopus and pufferfish while snorkeling which was very cool.

Lydia – my favorite thing today was going snorkeling and all of my gear working and seeing the octopus. It was super cool and I wish I could go night snorkeling every day.

Sami – I liked the operant conditioning talk that Teri gave to us as well as my first night snorkel.

Rowan – I did love the night snorkel; however, my favorite part of the day was listening to Teri talk about the dolphins and comparing her training styles to what I have been previously taught. I also enjoyed very much swimming in the lagoon shore area off Anthony’s Key and paddle-boarding with pals.

Molly – Today, we saw an iguana, lizards, and lots of fish and I also got to see Bill’s dolphin sculpture this afternoon.

Grace – I liked getting to call out the behavioral observations during space use data collection this morning. The night snorkel was really cool and it was the first time I ever went night snorkeling.

Cassie – I enjoyed our conversation in “The Pit” about echelon swimming position studies and getting to see the massive pufferfish on the night snorkel.

Alexis – I had fun on the night snorkel and it was cool to see a sea urchin.

Hannah – I really loved the night snorkel and I really loved Teri’s talk because it gave me some ideas on how to train my unruly cats.

Justin – I enjoyed seeing space use data collected by the team like a well-oiled machine today and hearing squeals of glee whilst night snorkeling.  

Manon – Thank you Ronnie for the help during today’s observations. Pretty cool pufferfish fight/courting behavior during the night snorkel.

We are excited for our dolphin encounter and swim tomorrow morning!

Until tomorrow,

URI’s Mystic Mermaids