DCP Prepares to Return to Roatan

Well, not all of DCP is returning to Roatan in 2 days, but I will be traveling to the island and visiting RIMS and AKR to continue DCP’s studies of the group of bottlelnose dolphins that call Bailey’s Key home. If you remember from the fall field reports, our planned trip to Roatan in September 2010 was postponed because of Hurricane Matthew! The resort and most of the island was closed because of the weather and DCP had to reschedule our eco-tour for that last week of September. We were able to coordinate and reschedule for the first week of May!

So, I will spend the rest of this afternoon packing the MVA and associated cables, camera and other gear as well as my mask, fins, snorkel and bathing suit. John from Terramar Productions will join this week of data collection. Additionally, Bill, Ron and he two nieces will meet us at Anthony’s Key Resort. I am very much looking forward to a return to Roatan and to observing the dolphins. From chatting with Stan and other colleagues who have visited since my last trip (in January 2010), Alita had a calf and there are a few pregnant females.

I’ll keep you posted about our week of data collection and observations. So, this coming week, you can read about DCP’s research at two locations – Bimini and Roatan! Being busy … must mean the summer is upon us!