Monday (11 May) – The day begins with rain, ends with sunshine and has dolphins gracing my camera sc

 Our data collection session started about 20 minutes late: at 06:54 AM because of rain. My team is dedicated and spent part of their observation session standing on the dock in the rain. Almost as soon as our early morning session was done, the clouds parted. The underwater visibility was good, which allowed me to see the dolphins from a distance and document their interactions. 

Mrs. Beasley at first seemed playful but then a bit irritated with a few of the younger males. I actually saw her chase them and then jaw clap at a couple of them. Very interesting way to start the morning! She also spent time being pec-rubbed by Gracie and Cedena. Neat to watch the exchanges and I was able to keep them in view for a good long period.
Our DCP eco-tour team had their first dolphin encounter and swim this morning also. They got to meet Fiona up close and personal thanks to Cain. And, then they swam with several individuals. Barclay, Cindy, Mike and Gail were treated to a mild symphony of dolphin sounds during their swim. And, after a fresh-water rinse, were back on the dock to assist with a second morning data collection session.
A very good day indeed. The weather is supposed to clear up more tomorrow … and we all hope it does for some good viewing both above and below the water’s surface.