Tuesday (19 May) – overcast skies, thunder and rain … with lots of dolphins!

Two sessions of data with a bit of rain and cloudy skies but the dolphins, though rather quiet, were socializing. Dixon and Anthony, the two youngest males, were hanging out together most of the first session. French and Ken, the next two youngest males, were also together most of this session and were often rubbing one another or jawing at each other. Reminded me of when my sisters and I would wrestle when younger.
French also spent a bit of time with Hector and Ritchie. These two young adult males seem to have displaced Paya as the dominant in the group by ganging up on him. Hector seems more aloof and watchful as compared with his behavior last year. Paya is just the opposite and I watched him play with some of the younger male dolphins today. Very neat dynamics.
Just before this session ended, I saw Fiona with a plastic bag in her mouth. She was playing with it and mouthing it. It seemed to have lard or grease in it and next time I saw her the bag was nowhere around and her face seemed to have a thin layer of zinc on it. By the time I was out of the water and back to the pool side to check on her the layer of white color was gone and she was swimming and frolicking like always.
The second session was a bit noisier but mostly because it was raining. The rain sounds a bit like snapping shrimp but near the surface. Margarita, Mrs. Beasley’s youngest female calf, and Dixon, Carmella’s youngest calf, were having a blast playing with each other. They are about a month apart in age and both about 2 years old. Definitely they play off of each other and delight in chasing each other all over the place. It’s hard to keep up with them!
Until tomorrow,