The morning began with dolphins and our afternoon was spent swining through the canopy, hanging out with white-faced capucin monkeys and taking one last swim before packing bags. We took a bus to the Gumba Limba botanical gardens … well, sort of. We took the bus to the top of the mountain near the park and then zip-lined our way down to the park. There were 13 stations and we had a blast! All of us did the line and some of us went much faster than others (Mr. Williams!).

During our walk through the park, we saw a gigantic Kapok tree that had spikey thorns along its bark. And a hole between both sides of the bark as it grew. (Pictures will be posted to a page on DCP's educational pages later this week.)

After crossing over a rope and wooden bridge (almost like Indiana Jones, but the bridge remained intact), then we walked by at least 2 dozen parrots and into the area of the monkeys. They were quite friendly and hopped onto our heads or into our laps. Laughter was heard from both types of primate during this encounter!

Our late afternoon was spent hammocking, swimming and finally packing. Our morning tomorrow is not that early, but it looks to be a long day of travel. Our trip has been a huge success!


Kathleen & The DRT team