A Very Vocal Underwater Session

Beasley and GeeGee fought, then reconciled.

We recorded behavior and sounds for a bit more than 60 minutes. The dolphins were vocalizing, especially whistling, almost non-stop. Alita, the pregnant
female, looked very large, like a guppy. She should have her calf within the next month. Beasley and GeeGee seemed mildly annoyed with each other. GeeGee
was whistling with bubbles constantly. Mika, GeeGee's calf, has remained in a side pen for the last 2 days. Mika went in and has refused to come out. We don't know why.

The dolphins in general were exhibiting low-level social behavior, but as a group. That is, the dolphins were swimming together (with 7 – 8 dolphins),
more so than in pairs or singly.

The evening brought us Robin's talk on Dolphin Play and a night SCUBA dive for three of our volunteer researchers.

Till tomorrow,
Kathleen, Robin, John, & Team #2