Team #2’s First Encounter and Swim

The clouds did not dim enthusiasm.

For most of our group, this was their first time ever to touch a dolphin. The agreed-upon description of dolphin skin from the team is 'like a hard-boiled
egg' (with teeth and a playful attitude). The dolphins enjoyed diving to the bottom with Nancy and Bill while they pulled eel grass toys or swam upside
down. John was curious about how the dolphins stop so quickly ater a speed swim. They 'skid' to a stop by dropping thier tails and flaring their
pecs…Looney Tunes comes to mind.

The afternoon had our Team 2 of volunteer researchers stationed along the dock and on the tower. We have 10 volunteers so 4 stations were manned: 2 dockside surface observations, 1 dockside acoustic recording and 1 overview(tower) surface observation. The eagle eyes watched Kathleen and the dolphins while others recorded. Team work at its best!

Till tomorrow,
Kathleen, Robin, John, & Team #2