Echolocation Directivity Testing

Our first trial requesting dolphin attention

We've been recording dolphin echolocation for several years and have greatly increased our data from here at RIMS. But, we did not have a good example of dolphin echolocation from specific distances, from changing (decreasing) distance, or from the side 'view'. Our ECD testing provided some of this detail today. (more tomorrow)

For about 30 min, we asked Paya and Esteban to swim at Kathleen and the MVA3. At first, they thought this was a new game and speed swam by Kathleen. Then, they got it and swam at Kathleen and the MVA3 only to stop and target on her hand directly in front of the lens and hydrophone. Paya was gentle and put the brakes on just before touching. Esteban, not so much! After jerking to a stop at the MVA3 he felt the need to do more … and regularly pushed Kathleen and the MVA3 backwards. Still, there smiles seemed gleeful.

Tomorrow, we'll work on echolocation pass bys to get information on the click sidebands.

Kathleen, Robin & John