Last day for Team #1’s data collection assistance

Horseback riding, botanical gardens, and Coxen Hole

The day began with some of us hopping on horseback for a bouncy tour of Sandy Bay. We realized, after an enjoyable ride, that snorkeling and horseback riding require different muscle groups. (Thanks goodness!)

One adventurous soul climbed Carambola Mountain (~20 min hike) and visited the botanical gardens while others taxi'd to Coxen Hole, Roatan's capitol. The latter group soaked up culture and souvenirs prior to out afternoon sun-fry, better known as research and data collection.

Our dolphin observations were in the early afternoon and Father Neptune graced us with 'icky' underwater visibility. Mrs. B. and Alita seemed agitated and everyone was whistling LOTS. In fact, Kathleen lifted her ears above the surface twice for a tad bit of silence.

Tomorrow we head home with fond memories. We've promised Kathleen & Robin that we'll return next year -after all our training time will be less!

Team #1 signing off.
Kathleen, Robin & Team #1