Bright & Early Observations

In the water & on the dock by 6:55 am

We were all at Bailey's Key by 6:45 am and feeling more comfortable with our research assistant jobs. From the tower, we note at 5 min intervals where the MVA3 (KD & her array) are in the pen. We've sectioned the pen into 5 areas with imaginary lines. Then we note how many dolphins are within 1, 2, 3, 4, & 5 meters of Kathleen. We do the same thing from a station (spot) out on the pen walkway (photos to be posted on the DCP web site in November).

The acoustics station has us using a professional walkman and omni-directional hydrophone to record 5 min sample periods every 15 min during the session. The dolphins are noisy!!!

With the research done early the afternoon was spent at Tabiyana Beach snorkeling and sliding along a thin wire for a canopy ride! Crystal blue water and white sand beach with just enough palm trees for shade. The canopy ride allowed us a glimpse of the feeling of flight through the tree tops.
Till tomorrow,
Kathleen, Robin & Team #1