A regular day at the ‘field office’

A morning 30 min underwater session after training & swim

We did our usual morning swim at 6:00 am (before data collection) and saw many brightly colored reef fish and squid. Very cool!
Our morning session at Bailey's Key began at 8:00 am with one hour surface observation to add to our knowledge of the daily activity patterns of these dolphins. Kathleen was in the water at ~10:00 am after the morning training session. The dolphins were VERY vocal – lots of whistles and some clicks.
Maury and Buster were very curious about the hydrophones today. Both hit them several times with their rostrums. Tela and Buster and BigBoy were enamoured of Kathleen's fins – seemingly continuously clicking (a high pitched whine more than staccato clicks) at Kathleen's fins. Maybe they like green?
The afternoon brought a too brief rain shower (the island needs rain) and more data analysis. Tomorrow is our break day.
Till Monday
Kathleen & Robin