An eventful day

A morning of summarizing, an afternoon in the water

We've been in the water 12 days for 21 underwater observation sessions. We've gathered 15 hours of video with sound data and 14 hours of echolocation click data. We have spent 32 hours in surface observation: initially acquainting ourselves with the dolphin identities and when the MVA3 is in the water. We've spent another 26 hours beginning analyses of the videotapes. We've also slept and eaten a little bit. We are getting AMAZING data!

In general there seems to be more pectoral fin rubbing and overall social activity in the morning and more vocal activity in the afternoons. Whether this is a diurnal pattern or related to underwater visbility or related to some other factor remains to be seen.

We conducted 2 one half hour sessions today, 1:30 and 4:15 pm. We determined that 4:15 is the latest we can collect data due to the lack of sunlight in the observation area.
Till tomorrow
Kathleen & Robin

P.S. This morning we were recruited to be in-water 'human targets' for some new behaviors the dolphins were learning. No arm-twisting was required.