Sex, Sex, Sex

Mika is the object of desire today

We started at 7:15 am on a 30 min session that was soon lengthened to 60 min due to great underwater visbility (~12 m) and playful, social dolphins. There was much splashing and surface rolling suggesting much activity. This was confirmed by Robin.
Nuzzling of rostrum to body (rostrum, chest, belly) was seen among the older dolphins. The adult females had their calves in infant position (P3) for several minutes each.
At about half way through the session about 8 dive boats in a row went out for dives. The dolphins delighted (it seemed) in the unexpected wave surfing opportunities.
We did a second underwater session after the morning training and beach encounters/swims. This was only a 30 min session as the dolphins seemed to begin resting – little noise, slow swim, little curiosity.
Kathleen & Robin