Cruise Ship Day is Wednesday

30 minutes underwater with the dolphins before 7:30 am

Our 30 min session was withou the preamplifier for the camera hydrophone set. We are using passive hydrophones for the camera and they worked fine though the levels was a bit lower (as expected) than when recordings are made with the preamplifier. The whistles and clicks were still there.

Again this morning, we documented much rubbing behavior and slow swimming. We actually saw the two older adult females (Rita and Mrs. Beasley) on several occasions. At one point Esteban and BigBoy were swimming chest to chest and exchanging mutual pectoral fin rubs. Later we saw Mika furiously rubbing her pectoral fin (flipper) against another dolphin … too fast for a quick ID by Kathleen.

Tonight is another lecture to guests on our research and then another early morning tomorrow.