Arrival at Mikurajima

My last ride on the Sutoretia-maru, the ferry to Mikura from Tokyo

(Yes, I can get to email … hurray. We caught the ferry late Tuesday evening, at 10 PM. We arrived at Mikura at ~ 5:30 am. The morning did not really dawn so much as lighten from the dark. It was a cloudy and foggy morning. But, the sea was calm and the day promised to bring better weather. My first views of Mikura after almost a year away brought me new sights. The new pier now has a VERY tall section … about 100 meters tall and just at the mouth of the basin formed by the new pier and the older pier. And, there were two new whitewashed buildings with green roofs. They are the ticket office (for guests and residents) and the gyouko (fishing cooperative office). This was not all, however. The road down from the town was reconstructed with new cement. This road has a 45 degree angle from port to town and is curved forming a second section that crosses back above the lower. Better than a stairmaster! My two research cases had arrived and I was driven to my house. Yes, this year I have a full house with amenities and not only a room. I feel very lucky. I spent most of the day unpacking and prepping my gear. Took a walk in the afternoon to the port and found that most of the village was there. This was the last trip for the ferry, the Sutoretia-maru, between Mikura and Tokyo. Because tourism is still so drastically reduced (Miyake still is off-limits to visitors and Mikura is too small.), the ferry company is reassigning a smaller ship to Mikura and moving the Sutoretia to Oshima. Well, I'll detail the research house tomorrow … and if the calm seas and mild weather hold, then maybe we'll get to go out on the boat. Cross your fingers. Cheers Kathleen