You guessed it … rain.

Fog, wind … and more.

My front door opens to a view of the sea. It is spectacular. I feel very fortunate to be able to greet each day with a view of the ever-changing ocean surface. Today, the changes seemed to occur every half hour, and all changes contained some level of bad weather. The wind did not stop blowing today, only changed directions. The sea was awash in white. Spray from the tops of waves was blowing like a sheet across the water. Fog and low clouds at varying times during the day covered what the salt spray did not. Personally, I like watching the sea at these times, especially when I am not on or in it. The ocean has many moods. I went for a walk before noon to the park to look for dolphins. I had little hope since the sea conditions were so rough, decreasing visibility. However, I was pleasantly surprised! I saw a large group of at least a dozen dolphins frolicking just east of the old pier. This area was quite calm and in the lee of the wind created by the pier. After what seemed to me as a respite from the waves, the dolphin group continued their counter clockwise path around Mikura. Tomorrow is forecasted with the same weather. Maybe it will decrease … and I will get a last day this season for data collection. We shall see. Till tomorrow, Kathleen