Watching the Sea

The waves were higher though the sun was out.

I must admit that I did not mind not being on the water today. I met some of the boats and passengers who came back and they all said the sea was rough, the underwater visitbility low, and the dolphins not interested. In fact, Kogi and Hasegawa went out on a transect survey for Hasegawa's research and when they neared Yokozukane, they reported waves of ~3 m! Kogi said it was one of the first times he was scared on the water … this was the windward side of the island. The other boats did not go there but remained on the Eastern edges of Mikura. The waves were a bit less. I spoke with Masaki today as well and she informed me that yesterday they had seen Atokake (ID#032) with a new calf!! So, our musings about where she was last week were on target. She went off somewhere, we don't know where, to have her calf. She returned this weekend to introduce us to it. I look forward to getting out on the water the coming week in hopes of meeting the new addition myself. Most of the guests left on the afternoon ferry and Mikura again became quiet, peaceful. No boat trips but we did take a hike part way up to Oyama to see the ocean. The sky was cloudless and the sea calming. Till tomorrow, Kathleen