Cloudy, rainy day with choppy seas

Today was spent reviewing tapes and reading reports and other research papers.

The weather and rough seas kept us in port today. But, it was a productive day for updating journals and reviewing 2001 identification information from the Mikura Iruka Kyoukai (& Kenkyukai) with the data from DCP. A few more hours of comparison should have our records synched. It was also nice to be able to review a few sections for two papers that we (MIK members and me) are writing. We hope to submit them to a science journal in July. Cross your fingers that they are accepted. We will post summaries of these papers to DCP's web site (research, Japan section) in early fall, 2002. The dinner last night was good. Two senchoo, several researchers and a few other people all shared supper. We had LOTS of food and good conversation. I was pleased to find out that the senchoo do get copies of the reports I write for the research group (and have translated) and had questions and comments. It is important to include the local community whenever a researcher works in a foreign country or field setting. I am hoping there will be a few guests arriving tomorrow or that our research boat is ready to use. Of course, we also have to hope the weather improves. There were some swells and whitecaps out there today, but the rain mostly stopped midmorning. Hopefully the rain will not have chilled the water temps further … it was 20.5 degrees C yesterday! Till tomorrow, Kathleen