Maya’s Monday

Data collection began as usual with a water taxi ride to Bailey’s at 6:15. By 6:40, when Kathleen entered the water, it had begun to drizzle. Within 5-7 minutes, we were in a downpour! Our observations survived but the paper sheets not so much!

After breakfast, we took the AKR shuttle bus to Maya Key to snorkel and meet the rescued animals. We all had a great time snorkeling and animal watching. And, we got to check out the Mayan Ruin replica!

Katelyn M. – today was such a blast. I loved seeing all of the fish from that fish ID lecture and meeting the adult male South American sea lion at Maya Key.

Austin – going to Maya Key was awesome and seeing all the fish, especially the damsel fish. The jaguar on the key was incredible. Sorry I missed the rain at Bailey’s Key.

Katelyn B. – Little wet this morning during observations. Snorkeling at Maya Key felt like a different world. Loved seeing all the disco fish and can’t wait for tomorrow.

Amy – the animal tour on Maya Key was awesome, especially getting to interact with the parrots.

Sam – Loved snorkeling on Maya Key. Sadly did not get to interact with parrots.

Stryder – This morning was really interesting and going to Maya Key was amazing. And a different experience with snorkeling the difference from yesterday was interesting to see.

Hope – I loved seeing the diversity of all the fish at Maya Key and the baby sea turtle was a highlight.

Kristina – The snorkel was really fun. I got to see some squid and an octopus protecting its shell.

Hannah – I really enjoyed the snorkeling at Maya Key and my favorite part was seeing the squid. And, also, I got my hat back!

Cassidy – Bummed about not seeing the parrot fish wearing the hat. Maya Key was incredible. The snorkeling was just breathtaking. Like a dream. I wish I’d seen more but I can’t wait for tomorrow.

Kira – I loved getting to snorkel again and I even saw some cuttlefish. It makes me want to return at some point to the island.

Ron – enjoyed being a fly on the wall observer of conversation of Sam and Cassidy had with Don after lunch.

Manon – completely soaked this morning. We were almost ready to snorkel right away.

Shane – Hannah & Ron crushed my dream of finding the giant parrotfish wearing Hannah’s hat.

Our afternoon, after returning from Maya Key, was spent learning about activity levels in the dolphin behavior (for Space Use data collection) and then watching the morning’s video after dinner to continue to learn/remember the dolphins and their ID marks.

Until tomorrow,

Pec Fin Posse