Elvis has entered the building

The ferry plays fair

 Mikura island sunset Japan It is a Christmas (Festivus) miracle! The ferry actually stopped at the pier without any fuss. I had been awake since 4 in the morning, trying to decipher the announcements over the loudspeaker for a hint as to if the ferry would try to dock.. The water was pretty choppy, so I had fully expected the ferry to do the Hachijo-shuffle; that is, skip Mikura and take a short 8 hour detour to Hachijo island before trying to land on Mikura in the afternoon. But just as I thought we were going to give Mikura a wide berth, the captain turned suddenly and headed straight for the pier. What a great guy! I could have hugged him… I was met at the pier by some friends from last summer. All of my gear arrived safe and sound. In just a few hours, everything was unpacked and ready to go – the MVA is now poised expectantly on top of her carrying case, my computer is hooked up and connected to the internet. Everything is a go! Now I will make my way around the island saying my hellos and trying to scrounge up some boat trips. My cotton t-shirts are already beginning to mold over and I bought myself a Milk Coffee from a vending machine. I feel right at home! The field season is finally in full swing!