Good bye Mikura!

Thanks everyone! 

 Mikura Island Goodbye
My farewell karaoke session went very well – you simply can’t go wrong with karaoke in my opinion. I sang a tearful rendition of My Way (the quintessential karaoke song) as my way of saying thank you to all of the Mikura folks. I spent all of the rest of the day on the 4th packing up my gear. On the 5th, I made my way down to the pier to catch the ferry back to Tokyo. A group of friends was there to see me off – it was very nice! I boarded the ferry, waved goodbye and watched Mikura-jima fade into the background. What had been my home for 2 months was soon just a dot on the horizon. Today I am in Tokyo – tomorrow I will give a presentation on my research to the Tokyo Institute of Technology, and soon after that I will be heading back to the US to drop off the equipment and finish up data processing for the season. It all happened too quickly! Time certainly does fly when you are researching dolphins. But I will be back next year to continue our research. Well dear readers, I thank you for reading these little reports and I hope you enjoyed them! Please check out the website for the latest news on our research. In the meantime, have a great summer and I will meet you back here again next year.