A new calf!

Fun in the sun.

Dolphin Calf I had a boat trip scheduled for yesterday morning, but some rather nasty weather conditions ended up keeping all dolphin watching boats in port. The ferry was cancelled as well. Mother Nature decided to make up for this by providing us with a gorgeous day today! It was warm and sunny, and we saw plenty of dolphins! We encountered that same group with subadult females and adult males again! That is 3 times in one week which officially makes it a ‘trend’ in my mind. But today’s big news is that I saw a new mom! Nana-chan (the ID specialist) told me that #063 (Nagareboshi) had been spotted with a new calf. And today I think I saw her! I still have to confirm this later on when I go through the video, but I am pretty sure that the above picture is of Nagareboshi with her new calf who is about 2 weeks old. That brings this year’s total up to 4 new calves with a possible 5th new mother whose ID we have not confirmed. It is like a nursery out there! I’ve got another trip planned for tomorrow! Yeah for that!