Respect your elders

Geriatrictastic!  Old Dolphin

No boat trips today – I stayed home and went through more video IDs. So in yesterday’s report, I went on and on about the new calves from this season. Calves are very exciting and all, but to be honest, I get a kick out of seeing the older dolphins too! There are some seriously weather beaten individuals out there – dolphins that are likely 40 years old or even older. I’ve included a picture of #229 (Mimizu) – an adult male – let’s call him ‘an older gentleman’. The geriatric dolphins tend to be a darker gray and are filled with faded cookie cutter scars. Usually the tips of their rostrums (beaks) are white – something that can happen after you spend a few decades shoving your rostrum into the sand to dig out fish. Often times these older dolphins will swim very lazily around us with a confidence and self assurance that comes with having managed to stay alive for so long in such a dangerous environment. There are plenty of Mikura dolphins that are older than I am. I really respect any animal (or plant) that manages to live for such a long time. They must have true survival wisdom (well, maybe the plants don’t have wisdom), and that is something to be valued. Anyhow, enough blathering for one night. Sleep well!