Beautiful day – no dolphins  calm seas mikura island

 I jinxed myself today! Silly me. As I was going out the door on my way to meet the boat at the pier, I casually remarked; ‘What a perfect day for dolphin watching!” I thought this was a completely innocent statement: the seas were calm, there was no wind, it wasn’t too hot or cold, etc. Look at the above picture to see how gloriously calm the seas were today. But it is exactly these kinds of statements that the gods of irony are listening for. The remark turned out to be true enough – it was a perfect day for dolphin watching. Only, there were no dolphins to watch.

During our 2 hour tour we spotted 2 groups of dolphins resting near the shore. Mostly mothers with their calves. But when we jumped in the water to check them out, they disappeared. We saw a stray fluke here or a flash of pectoral fin there, but it was obvious that these dolphins had absolutely no interest in humans today. I only recorded a few seconds of useful video. Tragic!

And here is the real tragedy: dolphins hate calm seas. By far the best footage of rambunctious curious playful dolphins is recorded during the worst weather. They love to ride big waves and play in powerful currents. They get a real kick out of weather that terrifies the most salty of sailors. Remember the “Perfect Storm” – the one that sank the Andrea Gail in the North Atlantic around October 30th 1991? Well I can guarantee you that somewhere near the center of this superstorm, around 40.5 degrees N, 69.5 degrees W, there may have been a HUGE congregation of dolphins having a massive dolphin carnival amongst the 50 foot waves. They love this kind of weather.

What I am trying to say is this: my idea of a perfect day for watching dolphins in not the same as a dolphin’s idea of a perfect day for watching humans.