DCP’s 2004 Field Season in Japan

Leaving Next Week

Welcome Back to DCP's Field Reports!
We are soon to begin field work in two remote locations: at Mikura Island, Japan and around Bimini, The Bahamas.

Kathleen will travel to Japan on 27 May and out to Mikura on 1 June. She will give a few workshops in Tokyo, Enoshima and Takato prior to reaching

Kathy and Kelly begin observing the spotted dolphins around Bimini in The Bahamas on 7 June when they leave for those islands.

So, follow along with us throughout the summer to learn more about our observations of the dolphins. I'll post more updates to the Mikura site early next week. Look for the Bimini updates to begin the second week of June.


P.S. Roatan will resume in September!