Another Great Day – for weather & for dolphins!

We had our second boat trip this afternoon.

We left port at 14:15 today and spent a bit more than two hours searching for and observing dolphins. We saw several mother/calf groups. In fact, at one point #058FA whistled and within 15 seconds her 2 yr old calf was by her side. I wonder if this is an example of a contact call (aka signature whistle) for these dolphins. Analyses and time will tell.

We also saw a group of about 25+ dolphins just west of Motone (on Mikura's south 'side') that were socializing. Loud jaw pops, hitting and biting were the most observed behaviors. We also saw a few s-postures (head up, back down, tail up, generally) that are a signal of aggression.

Our 4th group again was composed of adult females and juveniles. There was much pectoral fin rubbing and contact among the dolphins. The juveniles were playing with the people in the water: circle swims and whistles with bubble streams. Lots of excitement.

We were excited too and recorded about 34 min of video! Just an amazing beginning to this field season.

P.S. Today was the 141st Anniversary of the wrecking of the sailing vessel The Viking at Mikura Island. The Viking was a ship from New Bedford, MA. I'll tell you The Viking's story in bits & pieces during our 'in-port' days.