A slow day in port

The final tape was confirmed for IDs – a long but good process.

Today was a slow day that included a much needed nap, some reading and letter-writing and the last bit of preliminary analyses of videos in terms of logging dolphin IDs. We have confirmed almost all the dolphin identities from the six videotapes that I have recorded. Now, I need more data. Or, I'll begin the behavioral focal follow analyses.

The evening brought a 'rakuyogo' to the island (via helicopter). The 'rakuyogo' is a comic storyteller. I went to the first hour of the program which included four people: three men telling funny stories and a woman magician. She was quite good and very interactive as well. I left after intermission because, let's face it, my Japanese is improving but is not good enough to follow a fast speaking story-teller in Japanese in the evening. Someday … maybe.

Till tomorrow,