Out on the Water Again

A last minute morning boat trip was offered which I gladly accepted

The call came at 7:45am. A trip at 8:30am was offered and I gladly accepted. Luckily, I keep the array ready for a last minute trip. The ECD and wide-band hydrophone batteries needed to be volt checked. The camera manual focus set. The o-rings lubed with silicone. Every cable connected and the ports sealed. I suited up, grabbed all the gear and trotted down to Marui.

I was indeed lucky – on two guests and the dolphin guide, Ma-chan. Three other boats were going out, or were out. Each carrying between 6 and 7 passengers. The sea was relatively calm with an underlying swell and a wind chop but only on the E side of Mikura. We did not venture to the W and SW.

It was VERY good to see the dolphins today. Even though only three days dry, it felt longer. We saw several sub-adult females including Y-chan (#145), Koshakure (#161) and Saronpasu (#455). They all seem to have grown significantly since last year and several of us (researchers, guides, captains) believe at least #145 and #161 are likely to have their first calves next year. It is very exciting to follow these individuals through the years. To watch them grow and mature. To me it is very similar to watching my nieces and nephews (if not Umi!) grow and learn and mature. But, I digress …

Till tomorrow and hopefully another boat trip,