Dolphin ID’s and more

Typhoon #6 will affect all parts of Japan.

So, we are feeling the affects with respect to wind (it has arrived) and waves. They are predicting 7 meter waves(!) for this area off the coast of Japan. I watched for a short time as the waves simply rolled over and covered the pier here at Mikura. The 'fury' of the sea is truly amazing to me.

My morning began a bit early: 4:32 am. I heard a strange noise, like some animal caught in the walls. Long story short, I found an Omizunagidoori (streaked shearwater) huddling in a corner near the house outside. It was tapping the walls. These birds are too heavy to simply take flight. They have to climb trees at night and run down them to get airborne. While I hear them each night returning from the sea to their roosts, I'd not expected one so close. By the time I got outside to see if it was okay, it was gone.

Being kept in port due to weather has allowed us to get more dolphin ID's confirmed. We finished another hour of data today – for video log and dolphin IDs. Hurray.
I will upload a photo of the weather forecast that shows where the typhoon is now.