An ‘in port’ day – no boat trips & wind & rain

Some data analyzed, and weekend workshop plans drafted

This weekend students from Camp Zama will visit Mikura Island. Camp Zama is one of the USA bases here in Japan. This is our first 'international' student exchange for a workshop on Mikura. That is, youth from Camp Zama will visit Mikura for the weekend and share activities about the oceans, nature and dolphins with Mikura students. They will also hike to one or two island nature watching spots and observe dolphins. Thus, I'll post updates about the workshop on Sunday or Monday.

Since today is an 'in port' day, I wanted also to introduce you to the Viking. The Viking was a sailing vessel from New Bedford, MA, that wrecked on Mikura's shore in 1863, during the height of the American Civil War. At that time, Japan was only 9 years open to foreign trade (thanks to Commodore Perry) and hostilities to foreigners ran high in many parts of Japan. Not on Mikura, though. Residents of the island helped the foreigners during the month they stayed on the island. In 1967, identical plaques were dedicated on Mikura and at the New Bedford Whaling Museum to commemorate the friendship shown between peoples of different countries when the Viking wrecked.

I am pleased to be part of the continuing bonds of friendship between the people of Mikura and other communities.