Returning to Japan … and losing a Day

I may be posting this note a tad bit late … I’m writing it on the plane to Japan. But the feelings are the same and I am too excited to sleep. I feel like I won the lottery with an upgrade to Business Class! I chose to watch the in-flight movie 'My Dog Skip'. It was very good though bittersweet as I am missing Umi more than I realized I would. I startled the flight attendant and the fellow sitting next to me with my own yelp at one point. Oh well … he was watching the same film. As an aside, I got word from my mom and dad late last night and this morning that Umi arrived safely and has settled in with Jazz and Eponine. They are all getting along quite well and even playing with each other. Umi continues to alert (i.e., bark at) the neighborhood that she has arrived and considers the area hers. My host from Mie University, Dr. Motoi Yoshioka, is meeting me at Narita Airport. It’ll be nice to see him and catch up on various bits of news. I’ll take the ferry tonight to Miyake … so, I’ll continue from there. Cheers Kathleen