Rain Again

Life on a Small Island

The rain came again yesterday … but after several passengers arrived for the weekend. So, the watching boats are full. The wind was up yesterday afternoon and kept me in port. A few of the shops were closed yesterday, Saturday, for a funeral. The women of the island spend most of the morning preparing food for the funeral. Tables are laden with a colorful array of food and flowers. One treat in particular is called 'anki mochi'. It resembles a round flattened disk and is pale green in color (or sometimes white). It is very very sweet.

The 'mochi' is rice that has been pounded (and pounded and pounded) into a paste – very smooth and is called 'yomogi'. The anko mochi is filled with a purple paste that is sweet. It is made from boiled asuki beans. They are boiled a long time and mixed with LOTS of sugar. Chocolate is not this sweet (to me). The anko mochi are tasty … but every where I went yesterday people were giving me anko mochi! Now our table is covered with them.

Cheers till next time