Here Comes The Sun!

A Bright New Day Dawns

I greeted the sun at about 5:50 AM … a wonderous site after soo many days of rain. The sea is flat calm and the air feels new and clean. Still, we will likely not get out on the water today. No 'okyakusan' till tomorrow and the senchoo are buzy with other work today. Other tasks can be attended to by us as well. (Us being me and the other researcher on the island) … like airing out our futonas, doing laundry, etc. It will also be a better day to attend to 'people relations'. Often, when in the field, the relations between local people and the researchers are most important. I spent time last night learning to play badminton and getting to know some of the island's 'sensei' (teachers). We have plans to hit the water tomorrow and look for dolphins. I'll double check my gear tonight and spend a good portion of the day at the 'minato' (port) looking for dolphins from shore. Cheers Kathleen