Lauren Larson

Lauren Larson is currently an undergraduate at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln studying Psychology, Fisheries and Wildlife, and Communication Studies. Although she grew up in Nebraska, Lauren did not let that stop her from wanting to work with dolphins and learn about scientific research. DCP’s behavioral research and education programs are what attracted Lauren.

DCP was Lauren’s first experience being a part of a research team in the summer of 2014, as an intern. During her internship, she worked on video logging to confirm identification of the dolphins in research footage filmed on Roatan, Honduras, as well as confirming identification and pectoral fin contact events of the Bimini Atlantic spotted dolphins. Lauren also helped work on a literature review for a coastal distribution sightings paper. Her favorite part of DCP’s research was learning about the dolphin’s social behaviors and interactions with one another. After having such a hands-on and educational internship, Lauren continues to work for DCP as a volunteer. She plans to graduate in the spring of 2015, and then continue to pursue a career in marine mammal science.