Fiesta Night! CSU remains undefeated!

Today was PACKED! We started with AM data collection and had “chasey” dolphins! Champ was chasing a few dolphins and there was a leap and body collision above the water. Everybody seemed fine and we got a social show! There was lots of vocal activity and contact underwater. Gracie and Trixie swam by a few times and were very touchy-feely!

The rest of the morning was spent in the classroom learning from Manon about RQ and pair swim positions in dolphins followed by a talk from Samir Galindo, GM of AKR. We learned much about AKR’s history and future plans as well as current conservation measures. After these two presentations, we did survey #2 and reviewed the morning’s video for dolphin IDs. We are getting better, we think!

Lunch was yummy and followed by a return to the classroom for Jennifer’s Coral Reef Restoration lecture. From the RIMS classroom we trekked to the old AKR Lobby to use it as a natural light and air classroom for the Dive Physiology talk from Shane. To start we took a tangent and listened to the CNN presentation about Dr. Sylvia Earle and her Mission Blue. It was fascinating! She is an exceptional role model.

Once Shane was done with dive physiology, we provided our blog impressions … yes! Before the day was done because tonight was Fiesta Night! We had to prep and stretch for the limbo contest.

Here are our thoughts before Fiesta:

Eden – I’m excited to see Noa win the limbo tonight (written before Fiesta begins).

Michaela – I’m ready to show off my horrible dance moves at Fiesta night!

Noa – It was really cool to learn about Sylvia Earle and I want to learn more about her when I get the chance.

MacKenzey – I always love being able to tie bigger concepts together once my understanding grows to a certain point.

Catalina – I enjoyed learning about the connections between what’s done in the lab and the field for both behavior and physiology.

Jade – I loved learning about how the coral restoration and nurseries worked.

Camdyn – It was really cool being to see the original lobby at AKR and utilize it as a classroom.

Alyssa – It was really cool to learn about specific behaviors that were researched with dolphins and connect that to the data we are helping to collect now.

Flora – It resonated with me what Dr. Kanatous said about utilizing research papers to see what works for you and what doesn’t to find your passion.  

Annelise – Lectures today both terrified and fascinated me – looking forward to a virgin strawberry daiquiri at Fiesta tonight.

Kayvon – Learning more about diving marine mammals was very helpful.

Paige – I thoroughly enjoyed hearing Samir Galindo share the upcoming developments at Anthony’s Key and the work they are doing to improve conservation of local species. Way to go Alyssa and Eden for winning fiesta night contests!!! CSU stays undefeated!

Don – Always forward, never straight.

Shane – It was an excellent day!

Manon – It was a packed day and looking forward to Fiesta tonight.

Wrapping up the day, we can celebrate loudly since Alyssa’s hermit crab (#10) won the night and Eden proved to be the MOST flexible person in our group and at the resort and was crowned the Limbo Queen! As Paige said, CSU’s streak is safe!

Tomorrow we meet the dolphins in their world!

Until then,

CSU Double D’s


P.S. Our tiny mascot, Blammy, checks out the MVA prior to data collection this AM!