Dolphin Four Play

Our first day of data collection went very well and started with an introduction to the pools and where we’d collect data while Kathleen collects underwater video. She was able to collect a bit more than 30 minutes of underwater footage with the two GoPros and the MVA. The subadult and young adult males were playful, indeed all the dolphins seemed to be playing with sea grass today, even Buzz and Ronnie were sharing a few pieces while Alita played with a long piece of sea grass! After data, we delighted in a yummy breakfast and then spent the rest of the morning in the classroom learning about DCP, photo ID, and watching the morning video. We also reviewed example activity level videos to help us confirm the same during space use data collection.

Our afternoon was spent at Bailey’s Key looking at environmental biodiversity in the tidal zone and collecting afternoon baseline space use data. Once those two tasks were completed, we snorkeled off Bailey’s key and saw many fish and coral specimens. We wrapped up the day with the fish ID lecture by Pete here at AKR. By the time we finished dinner and this blog, we were all ready for bed!

Charles – It was very thrilling to conduct our very first research session. I love research!

Megan – Ask AC about learned helplessness …

Felice – Today, I saw a giant-ass parrot fish while snorkeling at Bailey’s Key

Alia – I saw two purple coral fans while snorkeling at Bailey’s.

Dallas – My fear was confirmed about stingrays but at least I don’t have to worry about getting eaten by a shark.

Alicia – I befriended a brown gecko today and I named him Mike.

Winter – I went ocean snorkeling for the first time today. It was FUN! I checked out a shell that was cool.

Sara – I held a sea star today when we were doing the inter-tidal zone assessment.

Sabrina – The first fish my GoPro saw was the one that ate Nemo’s mom but I can’t wait to explore Maya Key tomorrow.

Erika – Erika from America says I learned what a peduncle was and now it’s my word of the week.

Nezi – Nezi’s back and I saved the world by picking up plastic I found in the ocean.

Tesa – I went snorkeling for the first time today and saw many four-eyed butterfly fish.

Brie – Today I had fun in the inter-tidal zone, especially when Manon found a big sea cucumber.

Jose – I’ve done field work and had experienced the methods before but used them for the first time outside my garden.

Mario – Sadly, I asked an agouti what’s good and it didn’t answer.

Melissa – I was very proud of everyone for surveying the inter-tidal zone near Bailey’s even though there was a lot of screaming.

Heather – Today’s experiences opened many eyes wide and fearful, especially with the male socio-sexual penis play.

Manon – We saw a giant-ass hermit crab today. It was the size of my foot and residing in a conch shell.

Tomorrow is another day of data and then a visit to Maya Key for snorkeling, checking out the replica Mayan ruins, and observing some rescued animals.


StMU’s M&Ms

P.S. the giant-ass parrot fish was looking for Shane …