Friday – our last day of data collection

It rained last night but cleared by morning and the sun shown brilliantly. We had a good start to the day and I was in the water with Dot, Chippy and Jake by about 9:45 am. A few times, I felt that Dot and Chippy were “sneaking” up on me, maybe observing my behavior? They would click on me only just as they swam by me – from about 4 meters away and slowly by me. Jake whistled a few times when he was around the females and as he swam around me.

Right after exiting the water from observing these three adults, I shifted to a front pool and had the five young males in a group: Shawn, Andy, Salvador, Cacique and Goombay. The underwater visibility was not really good – very silty – but there was rubbing behavior between the young dolphins. Pec fin contact and a few circle swims. Goombay got a bit more brave and poked at my fin tips a bit. Almost like tag, your it!

I had a third session late in the morning today with Gussie Mae, Nina, Stomry, Soca and Missy. It wasa good session with much buzzing and some fast swims all around me. The visibility was so so and thus I often tried to stay about a meter below the surface … to have the best view possible. 

Today was an awesome day!