Tadamichi Morisaka, Ph.D.

Lecturer, Tokai University Institute of Innovative Science and Technology
Specialties: Bioacoustics, Ethology, Ecology, Cognition
Interests: Evolution of odontocetes’ acoustic communication

Odontocetes, or toothed whales, use various sounds to search their environments and to communicate with each other. How, when and why do they evolve such a variable sounds? This is my research interest. Predatory-Prey interactions are seems to restrict their sound variations and activities. Additionally, I am involving conservation of wild dolphins using several techniques. Also I am willing to note rare behaviors from wild dolphins which I see during my field activities to a scientific journal in order other researchers to site such behaviors for other purpose.

Room 8427, Building No. 8
Institute of Oceanic Research and Development, Tokai University
3-20-1, Orido, Shimizu-ku, Shizuoka-shi,
Shizuoka 424-8610, Japan
Tel: +81-54-334-0411 (ext. 3431)
HP: http://marinemammal.jimdo.com/