Tropical Fun!

Our morning was bright and early – and thankfully not raining! We did a full space use data collection along with the surface observations while Kathleen collected data with the MVA4. There was much activity – you can see Tilly and Sandy together in the cover photo. After data observations, then we had breakfast and then prepared for our day at Maya Key. We lucked out with good weather and really good visibility for our snorkel off the reef near Maya Key. Here are our thoughts for today.

Laurel – Adding an extra task to our data collection this morning gave us more valuable experience while observing and recording behavior of the dolphins. The snorkeling in the late morning along the drop-off reef edge near Maya Key as spectacular.

Nicole – Going to Maya Key was really fun and fascinating. Feeding a sea lion was the highlight of my day.

Sia – snorkeling at Maya key was amazing. I got to feed a sea lion and I am super excited to meet the dolphins tomorrow.

Elena – The coral reef at Maya Key was absolutely stunning. I really enjoyed being able to see the monkeys and the other different exotic animals that reside there.

Peyton – I had a great experience snorkeling at Maya Key and I was amazed at all the fish I was able to ID from last night’s talk.

Caroline – It was exciting seeing the hustle and bustle of the reef. Also, the disco fish was a pretty groovy dud.

Nate – Had a lot of fun at Maya Key and saw a barracuda while snorkeling.

Beck – After another exciting day with the dolphins we went to Maya Key to study the different animals there and had a crocodile jump up at me.

Sophia – it was really exciting to see all the animals on the reef and on Maya Key as well as exploring some of the replica ruins.

Bailey – I really enjoyed snorkeling around the coral reef at Maya Key and I look forward to observing the dolphins again in the morning.

Sofia – today I got a chance of seeing a juvenile yellowtail damsel fish that absolutely fascinated me.

Katy – Maya Key was an absolute paradise. Being able to witness the diversity of animals both above and below the water was a delight. But seeing a South American sea lion for the first time absolutely blew my mind.

Bri – My day started with an amazing eagle ray sighting and progressed to me getting stalked by a jaguar after a long dip in the ocean.

Lindsey – Starting the day with the dolphin observations and then being able to go to Maya Key was just an overall absolute amazing experience. At Maya Key, snorkeling in the ocean and seeing the life on the coral reef blew my mind. Then going onto the island and seeing the rehabilitated wildlife reaffirmed that I am in the right place.

Manon – I’m glad the jaguar was apparently very interested in me.

Paige – Getting more confident snorkeling, saw my first coral wall, and my first jaguarundi.

Dr. Z – I really enjoyed the snorkeling today. And I saw a truck fish and I could easily swim and dive.

Dr. K. – supper happy I didn’t get eaten alive at Maya Key today.

The afternoon wrapped up with the video from the morning and discussing the activity levels of the dolphins for space use data collection. Tomorrow, we get to meet the dolphins during our encounter and swim.

Signing off tonight,

Team Naturally Selected

Here we are heading to Maya Key!