All our Bags are Packed!

And we’re ready to go! Leaving on a jet plane … sound familiar?

Yes, it’s a song. But, also, we’re on our way back to Anthony’s Key Resort on Roatan for another week! Ron and Bill came to Florida to fly with John and me. Baloo is eyeing our bags … maybe wondering if she’s coming to…? Dixie is not having any of it. Nicole is here and Dixie knows she’ll have a wonderful time with Aunt Nicole while we are in the field. (Thank you, Dr. Nicole!)

We depart tomorrow morning for our flight from Miami to Roatan. Two other sets of participants fly through Houston and Atlanta. We will all regroup on Roatan at Anthony’s Key. We are all very much looking forward to returning to our “second home”!

We will share our updates and details from our early morning data collection and our snorkeling and scuba dives throughout the week. Thanks for joining us virtually!

Until tomorrow,