Another Early Day, but with some cloud cover

Each student presents their summary of the day. The cover photo is Bailey playing with water – Thank you, Manon.

Laura: we woke up and we went to collect data at 6 AM. We did a great job and are more comfortable with the data collection. I’m focused and faster when I search for dolphins for the space use data collection. I also liked learning how to log the videotapes and how patience and focus are important when doing those analyses. This morning when we finished the first part of data with Kathleen, there was a dolphin that came close to the palapa and then vocalized. A second dolphin pushed the vocalizer away …

Shannon: my favorite part of today was when we went snorkeling and all the dolphins were looking at us – we were outside of the main lagoon and outside by the fence. Maury kept bringing us a rock and tried to get us to take it through the netting. Sandy was pulling on a piece of the netting. It was really fun to try to ID the dolphin underwater for the first time – in real life, not from video.

Riccardo: Finally, I was able to learn one name of the dolphins – because I was watching directly, not from video, but I remembered Bailey. It was a very intimate moment … we staired at each other and played the game of who will blink first. Bailey blinked first.

Annalisa: I enjoyed today to see how the students worked together and how they had fun not only working (for data collection) but also on their “free time.” And I am happy I saw an agouti as I came up for dinner. It was very cute and funny the way it looked at the fellow who was cleaning the pathway.

Marica: I liked everything today! I loved doing the observation and the work with the dolphins. Her peers said Marica was exceptional at knowing where Kathleen was at all times.

Sonja: Today was a perfect sandwich day – the morning was data collection and then the middle of the day was learning more about the IDs and logging video and then the afternoon was seeing them underwater and remembering them. A perfect sandwich day!

Alessandro: We had a lovely data sampling and discussions with Kathleen (and Manon) in the morning before a nice veggie burger. In the afternoon, we had a bit of free time and did some snorkeling around the dolphins adjacent to the main lagoon … and I am still a bit confused about recognizing the dolphins. I had a nice moment swimming off into the sunset with no fins before returning to reality. This is a nice reality.

Victor: I liked the first moment of the morning before we do the data sampling that the dolphins were playful at the platform. I was able to touch the dolphins and they were whistling and vocalizing. It was also a good data off collecting data.

Davide: I like that we are gearing up with data collection – for the space use data, we are getting better with activity levels and the grid (Thank you, Manon, for the photo below), and we are also getting better with the photo-ID. And we have a very supportive group – we can talk about everything and anything. I had some photos of the dolphin acrobatics today.


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