Our first day on Roatan at AKR!

Our first blog entry is everyone’s impressions of the day.

Emily: I’d been to Honduras before but not to this tropical of an area so when I got here it was amazing to see all the trees and the beauty. When we arrived at the resort, my favorite part was meeting the dolphins and seeing how playful they are.

Sarai: I really value biodiversity with people, animals, and plants. And, getting to see something in person is very different from seeing it on a screen – e.g., dolphins. Seeing them up close is very different. And also seeing mangroves is very exciting, especially to see aerial roots. Hanging out with zoology students is very different from how things are normally for me.

Kirsten: At first, I was really nervous because I’m an anxious person. Getting to the airport at 2:30 AM and getting off the plane and going to a new plane and getting delayed and waiting in line for customs’ paperwork were all stressful. Before arriving to AKR, I was not sure if the stress would be worth it but then getting here and seeing the resort and the wildlife and the hermit crabs and the dolphins and the iguanas … it changed my perspective drastically!

Mark: Flying in was beautiful and seeing the coral reef over Belize and how it continued to Roatan was amazing. And to see the dolphins and how interactive they are … and how they look at you took me by surprise, it’s not like my dogs, but more like a person.

Allison: The travel here was very stressful with delays and paperwork scrutiny but getting here was rewarding. Being around the dolphins was interesting because how they interacted with each other and how they paid attention to us was similar to the wolf dogs I work with. It is fun to be here with everyone who is so passionate about what they do.

Ashley: It’s my first time traveling out of the country and 2nd or 3rd time traveling to the beach, ever. It’s been breathtaking to see the scenery and to see dolphins up close for the first time. And I am a shy person so I was worried about talking to people but in this one day I made more connections than I expected. (thank you for the cover photo of the octopus!)

Sean: Navigating the waters of the predeparture airport experience was humbling but a great learning opportunity. Upon arrival, getting to see the beauty of Roatan was also just a great transition from a stagnant covid season. Seeing the dolphins and realizing the opportunity that will be had – career building experience – to learn how to ID them and chat with trainers is a great boon in my future to come.

Brittany: I’ve never been to Honduras before, but it’s been beautiful and the weather is awesome. It was cool to be so close to the dolphins. That was cool. It’s exceeded my expectations.

Alexa: I’ve been in awe by the whole scene – getting here and seeing everything. Seeing where the dolphins are and how close to the wild setting it is. Being on the docks and watching them shows a connection to the dolphins and that the research is a large part of this place – it’s not just focused on tourism.

Nathan: I was anxious at the start of the day and getting the negative covid test but after arriving it was very calming. And even though we only spent 20 min with the dolphins, it set the mood for the trip. It is awesome to walk around the island and to see an octopus – we were watching the sunset by the shore dive beach and it was hanging out by the rocks!

Manon: I would like my luggage please … the young dolphins have grown hugely since January 2020!

Shane: Safe, sound, and we’re off! Everyone was very patient and rolled with the punches.


Roatan Rams 2021!