Recorded & Upcoming Webinars

Thank you to everyone who has been participating in our new webinar series, Dolphin Lessons and DCP Dives Deep into…Kathleen and Kel have enjoyed leading programs, but we also owe a big thank you to our guest presenters, Daisy Kaplan, PhD, Alexis Levengood, PhD, Annette Dempsey, Heather Hill, PhD, Teri Bolton, Nicole Danaher-Garcia, Justin Gregg, PhD…and the list is going to continue to grow!

We’ve really enjoyed the live Q&A portion of these webinars, but we’re also thrilled to have each program recorded. Check out our webinars page (under the Education tab) or visit Dolphin Communication Project on YouTube. Remember to subscribe!

Our upcoming webinar schedule in posted under the Education tab, via our email newsletter and on our Facebook page. We hope to see you at a future program!