The URI students arrive!

Our ecotour group departed this morning and the URI students arrived mid-afternoon. We hit the ground running with their initial orientation on arrival followed by Jennifer’s facility orientation even before they went to their rooms to check things out and unpack their bags. The students were troupers considering their travel started at ~1:00 AM with a ride to the airport, then two flights, and a shuttle bus ride to get to AKR and RIMS. But everyone was energetic and enthusiastic for the arrival and first meal, dinner.

Tomorrow will start at 6:30 AM with data collection followed a lecture and some snorkeling.

This morning had the eco-tour group assisting me with another data collection session (Thank you Manon for the front photo!). I used the new GoPro7 rather than the 3 for data collection … but we still had the issue with the screen on the back fading to black. It was frustrating to peer at a black screen when I wanted to see what I was recording of dolphin behavior. That said, later in the day, John was able to find the setting in the GoPro7 menu to turn off the screen saver! So, we’ll see how it works tomorrow and see if we are back to gear operating as we want and without a hitch!

Until then,


Kathleen and the URI student team