Clear Underwater Visibility and Social Dolphins!

I could not ask for anything more … ok, well, except maybe a tad less current to swim against! I earned my breakfast this morning and more than once felt like the dolphins were chuckling at me as I tried to keep up with them as they seemingly effortlessly glided across the current and the wavelets. Tilly and calf and Maury swam by several times this morning. And, Ronnie even pushed Stan and Lenca a bit away from me! Maybe Ronnie thought they were too close to my fins or paying too much attention to my fins!

Elli and Lenca each played with a small clam shell – Elli draped it over her right pectoral fin and then mouthed it as she swam out of view. Then, Tank and Stan played keep away with a plastic bag – I tried to find it after they were done to remove it from the water but could not find it … maybe it will show up tomorrow.

Manon and Rachel collected more baseline and KD-data collection associated space use data and the three of us and Madison collected more dolphin space use data associated with two encounters and a swim this afternoon. We are assessing how the dolphins use the varied spaces in their main lagoon when without and with people. For me, it was fun to collect data from both the underwater and surface perspectives today!

We did have a bit of rain sporadically during the day but it was warm and sunny also … and tonight was the island fiesta dinner on the key. Rachel won the 30-minute massage! Madison and Jeff’s hermit crabs did not place in the crab race but they had fun cheering each of them on!

Tomorrow begins as usual with a data collection session at 6:30 AM. Let’s hope the visibility remains and we have another great day observing dolphins! The photo with this blog (thank you Manon!) shows Poli and Dory bringing Manon and Rachel a large swath of seaweed to play with and Manon and Rachel showed much restraint in not playing until the observations were done! Well done!

Until tomorrow,


Kathleen, Rachel, Manon, Madison, Jeff, Ron, Bill & John