It was a dark and stormy … day!

Our dedicated eco-tourists joined me at 6:30 to try to collect data. The current was wickedly strong and there were rolling waves breaking over the reef. You can see in the photo me getting out after ~3 minutes in the water. There is a dolphin watching me … I got in and then swam hard to get to the side to get out. The storm front meant that the staff moved the floating platforms to one side of the large lagoon area.

It rained all day and was stormy. So, we spent time drawing the sketches for each dolphin and beginning the video logs. We also chatted about dolphins and some various research questions and protocols. It was a good day … even if we were forced to remain inside!

The wind died down a bit today … we are hoping it drops even more before morning.

Until then, the photo below will let you know what the waves over the reef looked like this morning! Thank you to Rachel for both photos!


Kathleen and the first DCP 2020 ecotour group!