Creative Minds

Our day began as usual – with data collection during Kathleen’s observations of the dolphins with the MVA. From Bailey’s Key, we went directly to a very interesting turtle lecture. We learned about sea turtles – e.g., the green sea turtle has green colored fat. We learned about the Arribada in Costa Rica. We also learned that sea turtles have several critical periods where their survival could be iffy – exiting the nest, getting to the water over the beach, and their first year in the water …

Our late breakfast was delicious! After which we had a small break to ponder our projects – we could select between developing a research project or creating a PSA for some topic we learned about that would have to affect change in Colorado. Since our breakfast was late, lunch was also, but it was still yummy!

Our afternoon was spent in ten-minute individual sessions with Kathleen and Shane to pitch our question or PSA project. It was stressful but we learned a lot and it was helpful to talk aloud our respective ideas. It was nice to learn that our ideas were good though they needed to be developed a bit more.

Our night snorkel was this evening – we saw lots of squirrelfish and 2-3 octopuses. There was a lobster and several brittle stars and crabs. It was weird to enter the water at dusk and come out in pitch black darkness. We were reliant only on the light to show us what was there … 

Dinner followed showers (which have been very welcome and refreshing!). The food is just phenomenal!

Tomorrow is our last full day here at AKR and our taxi boat ride to data collection begins at 6:15 AM!


The Rams in Roatan and Kathleen