Wind, Sun, Data Collection!

We had a wild ride on the ferry into Blue Lagoon Island on Thursday because of a rolling well and high winds. It was a reminder of just how unpredictable the ocean can be to folks who spend their lives on and around it!
We were able to conduct four sessions with Zig and Ludwig and to see if Finn might participate a bit in these request sessions. That is, we are looking to see if the dolphins will show a preference between two symbols – a circle and a star. The circle equates to only a little of something while the star means “a lot”! So if we use fish, the circle would be 1 capelin and the star 8. Or with secondary reinforcers, the star might mean play with a ball, or a swim noodle, or receive a run-down and tactile from a trainer.  Zig and Ludwig were presenting selections that seem more related to a particular side presentation of the trainer. We are hoping with a few more trials and sessions the side bias will become negligible. 
As our day progressed, we also were able to collect some respiration versus surface activity data from the dolphins. It was a good day and full, even though Heather had to leave mid-day for her return flight. She has classes to teach on Friday! 
I’ll be spending Friday with Te-Shalla and Debra from DE’s Education team, and maybe a couple of trainers with zoological, and of course the dolphins, especially Zig, Ludwig and Finn!
Until tomorrow,
P.S. the photo is my poor attempt to get a selfie with a dolphin who refused to leap when I was pointing the camera at the water! but, at least you can see DCP’s newest headband from Hoorags! ?